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NexTec Quenches Milo's Thirst for Growth-Enabling Technology

Having outgrown their current system completely, the need for a true technology partner to assist Milo’s Tea through the transition to a modern ERP package could no longer be avoided. A purpose-built, customizable ERP was needed to be able to meet operational demand. NexTec’s customer-focused culture and innovative, easy-to-use support channels made them a perfect fit for the Milo’s Tea transition to Sage X3 which is capable of handling specific food and beverage manufacturing complexities.

About Milo's Tea Company

The original Milo’s Sweet Tea story really begins as a Milo’s Hamburger story, a Birmingham, Alabama fast food chain restaurant founded by Milo and Bea Carlton in 1946 after Milo returned from World War II. The chain, with 20 franchised locations, was best known for its
secret-recipe hamburger sauce and, of course, for its Milo’s Famous Sweet Tea. Their philosophy was simple – using high quality, natural ingredients, they would never sacrifice taste and always listen to their customers.

Industry - Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Food & Beverage


Bessermer, AL

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System Selected

FoodBusiness ERP

Key Results

Large-scale overall automation and process efficiency through increased capabilities

End-to-end inventory management

Scalable system to handle Milo's growing needs

Ability to manage expanse of data collection for decision making

International time zone conversions and multi-currency support

Full transparency, visibility and traceability for compliance

Seamless accounting and production integration

Usable, collaborative support channels

Main Functionalities

Here’s how FoodBusiness ERP by NexTec helped solve Milo’s Tea Company’s challenges.

We knew we needed a technology partner that would be able to understand our technology limitations and the learning curve that our staff would need to go through.
Darlyne Hagood
Director of Administration, Milo’s Tea Company

About FoodBusiness ERP

FoodBusiness ERP is a solution built on top of the Sage X3 platform and delivered by NexTec industry experts. Over the past 25 years our ERP and business process experts have helped organizations across North America streamline business operations and lower costs. Recently, our specialization in developing solutions for food and beverage manufacturing industries has resulted in some of the most respected companies around the world managing their day-to-day operations and delivering products off our solution. FoodBusiness ERP by NexTec is built to make food better.

FoodBusiness ERP from NexTec Group
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