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Backed by NexTec and Acumatica, VetCare Canada Scales Nationally

VetCare Canada

About VetCare Canada

VetCare Canada acquires and operates veterinary practices, helping owners who are ready to transition out. The company operates multiple locations and is expanding rapidly. To scale efficiently, VetCare sought a financial management application that supports its complex multi-entity operations model. A comprehensive search led the organization to select NexTec Group and Acumatica Cloud ERP.


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Vancouver, BC

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Key Results

Single ERP solution provides cross-enterprise functionality

Eight hours saved each week in reporting tasks

Increase overall productivity

NexTec-engineered interface with veterinary practice management software extends functionality

Robust multi-entity capabilities streamline and simplify complex accounting workflows

Knowledgeable partner provides strategic advice that maximizes ROI


“NexTec is our ally. They understand our business and have even brought requests of ours directly to Acumatica for consideration. It’s that clout, combined with the context-based advice, that makes NexTec a great business partner.”
Julien Gilbert
Corporate Controllers, VetCare
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