Omni Cart’s Field Services Team gets to work with Acumatica and NexTec

Omni Cart chose NexTec to implement Acumatica Cloud ERP – bringing all business processes into a single system. Field service operations are streamlined with accurate, up-to-date dispatch capabilities and project information – saving the company valuable time and money.

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About Omni Cart Services

When you visit your local grocery store, you likely don’t give a second thought to the shopping cart… but one company does. Omni Cart Services cleans and repairs shopping carts, backroom equipment, condenser, and HVAC units for grocery stores, hardware stores, big box stores, and distribution centers. They have customers across 48 US states.

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“By bringing all of our business processes into a single system of record we can eliminate duplicate data entry tasks and ensure that all our teams are working with the most accurate, current information.”

Keith Wolf, President, Omni Cart Services

Here’s how NexTec Group and Acumatica helped Omni Cart

A system built for field services

Omni Cart streamlined its scheduling and dispatch tasks with Acumatica. They can quickly generate reports to get an accurate picture of current and future workloads. The field services team now has real-time access to inventory stocking levels which ensures they have the tools and supplies needed for each job.

“We found NexTec Group, and they’ve successfully guided the implementation to fit our business needs.”

Keith Wolfe, President, Omni Cart Services

United operations

Through Acumatica, NexTec connected finance and accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), and field services management which streamlines operations, provides visibility across locations and business functions, and allows Omni Cart to keep up their fast pace even as the business grows.

Key Results

Acumatica has increased visibility across all facets of the operation facilitates, leading to better decision making
Connected accounting, supply chain, and field services has eliminated duplicate data entry and everyone works with the most accurate, current information
Field service operations are streamlined with accurate, up-to-date dispatch capabilities
Omni Cart is confident they’ve found the right ERP solution and partner to guide them forward

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