On-Demand Webcast: 2023 Year-End Closing with Sage X3

Event Date

December 1, 2023

Event Time


In our video, we review the proper procedures and processes needed to be performed to ensure your organization successfully closes your year-end books with Sage X3 for 2023.


  • Process Overview
    • Period closing
    • Create new fiscal year & periods
    • Soft close versus hard close
    • Year-end simulation and validation of balances
  • Hard Close Year-end Processes
    • Close period 12 of previous year
    • Fiscal year-end function
    • New period journal entry samples
    • Fiscal year-end function key points
  • Other Considerations

Learn more with our helpful video.

  • Without changes in the closing process for 2023, we are using our video from 2020 as your helpful resource.

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