On-Demand Webcast: Acumatica Webinar 2.0 – Best Practices for Surviving Audit and Tax Season

Event Date

June 6, 2024

Event Time


Nobody loves tax season or financial audits. Not unlike some of the least pleasant medical tests you might have to endure during an annual physical, a thorough audit can find issues and weaknesses in your financial reporting and ensure your company’s future financial operating health.

To help make your next audit and tax compliance process as painless as possible, we’ve brought together a panel of industry experts to discuss:

  • Best practices to prepare for tax and audit season
  • How to manage your documents to best assist the auditors for an easy and smooth audit
  • Using advanced business intelligence tools to accurately report your financials and provide visibility into your past, present, and future spending

Featured Speakers

  • Gabriel Michaud, CEO and Founder, Velixo
  • Connor O’Donnell, Sales Executive, Avala
  • Jennifer Pomerory, Sales Director, Northwest Territory, DocLink by Beyond Limits
  • Jim Gross, Client Account Manager – Acumatica, NexTec Group

View our on-demand webinar to learn more!

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