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For companies in the hemp industry, there’s an increased level of complexity when it comes to managing the business and actually growing the company. Real-time visibility into everything from production and shipping to financials and regulatory compliance is becoming more critical. Yet many growers are still using outdated tools like spreadsheets and disparate systems that are making various business processes labor-intensive and cumbersome.

Succeeding in today’s competitive environment requires streamlined operations, integrated management systems and access to information anytime, anywhere — whether you’re in the field, at the warehouse or on the go.

Benefits for the hemp industry

Financial and operation management
Governance and compliance
Traceability and production scheduling
Distribution and supply chain management
Product recall and complaint management
CBD production processing
Materials Requirements Planning (MRP)

Hemp Cultivation Snapshot

Read about the trends in supply and price, as well as the market outlook for producers, retailers and investors in hemp.

Produced by the research team at Hemp Industry Daily, the Hemp Cultivation Snapshot shares what they’ve learned top 10 hemp states about their cultivation, supply and pricing. Download it now to learn more.

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The Hemp Cultivation report was sponsored by NexTec Group.

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