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Guide to Converting from QuickBooks to Construction ERP Software


Learn what signs to look for to determine if it’s time to upgrade from QuickBooks, what Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is and how it works, and how to go about choosing the right construction ERP software.

Everything you need to know about upgrading from QuickBooks to construction ERP software

  • Five signs it’s time to move on from QuickBooks
  • A look at the benefits of construction ERP
  • How ERP connects the tools you already use
  • Steps to converting from QuickBooks to construction ERP

Think it’s time to upgrade your accounting software? Look no further.

QuickBooks was working well for your construction business, but like so many successful companies, at some point the accounting solution just doesn’t cut it anymore.

That’s when business leaders start to think about what’s next.

Construction ERP is the logical next step for construction companies struggling to make their accounting or legacy software work for their business needs. Are you currently using separate systems for payroll, job costing, inventory management and project management? With ERP for construction, all your company’s critical business processes are brought together in a single cohesive system.

We created this guide to help you get a better understanding of why leading construction companies upgrade from a solution like QuickBooks to construction ERP. We worked with our implementation experts to outline the steps involved in the software conversion process and what features to look for in a solution.

Download the guide now.

We’d been using a legacy ERP application. The vendor was sunsetting the product, so the time was right for us to upgrade our financial management application to a modern ERP and take advantage of advanced technologies.”
Jared Schneider, Controller, TECO

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