Why distribution and inventory management are critical in the medical devices and supplies industry

Achieve operational efficiency and success

Medical devices and supplies are hugely important in safeguarding the wellbeing of our population, and advancements in medical device technology have been vital in reducing the cost of healthcare at a time when health services around the world are under more pressure than ever before.

But for an industry that is beset with manual processes, re-work and a lack of data integration, how can manufacturers and distributors ensure these critical products are safe, affordable and reach the end-users precisely when they need them?

The answer lies in cloud ERP software with specific financial, distribution, inventory, warehousing and customer service functionality, built to address the industry’s unique needs.

By automating key processes, streamlining operations, and integrating data into a single solution, medical devices and supplies companies can achieve true operational efficiency, capitalize on a growing market, and ensure these critical products arrive to end-users at the right time and at a price they can afford.

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Along with NexTec, Acumatica was instrumental in ensuring we could get our new diagnostic tests to market as rapidly as we did.
Bryan Deszell
Manufacturing Manager, InBios International

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About Acumatica

A leading cloud ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution built with functionality designed specifically for the medical supplies and devices industry. Acumatica delivers insight into business-wide data to make informed decisions, streamlines operations to increase efficiency and improve productivity, and provides the transparency and traceability needed to ensure compliance and reduce costs. Acumatica provides the agility businesses need to adapt to changing market conditions and drive growth.

About NexTec Group

NexTec are an award-winning business consultancy with extensive experience in the medical supplies and devices industry. They understand the unique challenges facing the industry and help businesses make informed decisions to solve them. NexTec’s 200-strong consulting team are experts in implementing the Acumatica solution and provide the support needed to leverage the investment and maximize ROI.

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