CPM by Prophix

If you are looking for a better budgeting solution to improve your forecasting while automating your financial and operational processes, Prophix Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software is the way to go.

Prophix integrates with Sage X3 and other ERP systems. It’s a complete package that grows with you, and is built to minimize any required customizations, leaving implementation times short.

Prophix software integrated with your ERP is a perfect and powerful combination for growing your business. By leveraging a Business Intelligence and ERP integration, you will reduce time-to-decision and improve the coordination of operations across your entire organization.

Prophix Benefits

Improve Accuracy of Budgets

Improve your budget's accuracy by pulling the data directly from your general ledger. You will no longer need to assign employees from other areas of the business to manually enter data into a spreadsheet or an application that was developed in-house.

Analyze and Drill-Down

With Prophix reporting functionality, you'll be able to analyze, drill-down and compare data at the transactional level, providing stakeholders with explanation for the results.

Integrated Planning

Utilize one integrated planning platform across operations, finance and marketing.

Improve Forecasting

Pull data from multiple sources to forecast across departments.

See Prophix in Action

Take a test drive with Prophix and learn how you can improve forecasting. Gain a better understanding of how Prophix develops Corporate Performance Management software that integrates financial budgeting, planning, reporting, forecasting, consolidation, analytics, scorecards and dashboards in a single, unified software tool.

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