Project Accounting

Project Accounting

Acumatica Project Accounting gives project-based businesses control and visibility

Today’s project-based businesses face an increasingly competitive landscape driven by new entrants and increasing customer expectations. To succeed in this, your business needs a flexible, robust, and integrated solution to manage finances, projects, costs, and customer interactions all in one place. NexTec and Acumatica Project Accounting have the answer.

Benefits for
Project-Based Businesses

Take Control of Project Costs

  • Integrate your project accounting solution with financial management, accounts payable, accounts receivable, time management and more
  • Get a complete view of project-related costs for materials, labor, services, and inventory items
  • Allocate shared costs and overhead quickly and easily.

Run Your Project-Based Business on Your Terms

  • Keep your customers and team members happy, your billable hours high, and your decisions well-informed by integrating your project accounting solution with business intelligence and more.

Leverage Flexible Billing for Increase Profits and Satisfaction

  • Manage all billing scenarios: cost plus, fixed price, time and materials, milestone billing, and contract-specific pricing with a flexible and accurate billing solution built into your ERP
  • Vary billing rates by employee / customer, type of work, or specific project

Handle Changes Without Hassle

  • Project scope can change quickly, and whether requests are made by the client or internally, your solution should be flexible enough to adapt
  • Create change orders with documentation, including costs, revenue and more with a full audit trail

Deliver Accurate Quotes with Ease

  • Simplify project sales and pricing by supporting complex quote processes, improving project control and management
  • Create quotes, update them, link them to CRM and track versions
  • Create approved projects and provide billing details.

Manage Your Projects in Multiple Currencies

  • Enter project transactions in different currencies and maintain projects in both the base currency and the project currency
  • Leverage multi-currency project accounting to give your entire team more visibility into costs, revenues, and profits—no matter which currencies your suppliers, locations, or customers operate in.

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