Sage 500

Reduce the inefficiencies that cut into your profits

Sage 500 is a flexible and scalable enterprise resource management solution that can grow and adjust to meet your changing business needs. Sage 500 is a reliable, proven ERP solution that reduces the inefficiencies that cut into your profits and is designed to help your business operate at peak performance.

Sage 500 highlights include…

Offers complete visibility across your organization, with advanced analytics for better decision making

Streamlines purchasing processes which help analyze sales history and create accurate projections

Increases inventory turnover and reduces carrying costs with real- time access to pertinent inventory information

Fully integrated software manages profitability, loss and expenses

Tracks company assets to optimize efficiencies in distribution of time, staff and materials

Technology and business expertise

Sage 500 is a complete accounting software package that can be tailored to meet your business’ unique requirements for inventory, financial, forecasting and analysis issues commonly faced by mid-sized businesses. NexTec Group has more than 20 years of experience — implementing, enhancing and supporting Sage 500 — and as a team of accredited professionals with your business’ best interests in mind.

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