2021 Year-End Closing for Sage X3

Whether this is your first time closing the books, or you need a brief brush-up training session, make sure to watch our video on 2021 year-end closing with Sage X3. We understand how stressful this time can be and want to make sure you have a very smooth and seamless closing process.

We will review all the proper procedures and processes that need to be performed to ensure your organization successfully closes your year-end books with ease.


  • Process Overview – Best Practices
    • Period Closing
    • Parameter Review and Key Validations
    • Accounting Task
    • Soft Close versus Hard Close
    • Create the New Fiscal Year
    • Create New Periods
    • Year-end Simulation
    • Validation of Balances in New Fiscal Year
  • Year-end Close
    • Close Period 12 of Previous Year
    • Fiscal Year-end Function
    • New Period Journal Entry Samples
    • Fiscal Year-end Function Key Points
  • Other Considerations
  • Additional Maintenance & Utilities
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