5 pain points that CRM can help your company solve

A good CRM tool can help you collect more happy customers
A good CRM tool can help you collect more happy customers

A good CRM tool can help you collect more happy customers

A customer relationship management (CRM) system is one of the most valuable tools for a business but can also be one of the most complicated to administer. When done right, CRM will help your company be more efficient and grow. One study reports that a CRM tool can increase sales by as much as 29 percent while improving productivity by 34 percent.

The bottom line is that a CRM solution can drive sales and help your company grow.

Here are 5 common pain points that your business might be facing and how CRM can help solve it

1.    Low customer retention rates

A high churn rate is a part of doing business for many companies, but it doesn’t have to be. By capturing a complete record of a customer’s purchases and interactions with your company, CRM empowers customer service representatives (CSRs) to personalize interactions with the customer to solve issues and keep them satisfied.

2.    Disjointed and disorganized information

Spreadsheets, email archives, even post-it notes — sales agents and CSRs use whatever tools are readily available to them. That creates a problem because not everyone on the team is working with the same information. CRM consolidates all data and interactions into one system that’s synchronized across your entire organization.

3.    Complicated tracking and reporting

Keeping track of prospect and customer interaction and reporting on activities can become a dreaded chore because it’s time-consuming and often done manually. With CRM, all it takes is a few clicks, making it easy to create recurring reports and allowing your management team the ability to quickly review progress at any time.

4.    Inconsistent tracking and access to customer data

How often does a sales agent have a conversation with a customer while out in the field, then forgets to enter important details into the database upon returning to the office? Was a potential sale missed because the agent couldn’t access the customer’s records while out of the office? With CRM, these issues are instantly fixed by giving your agents mobile access to the data they need from anywhere.

5.    Slow growth

Regardless of your company size, growth is essential to survival in today’s competitive environment. Often times, a leaky sales funnel is to blame for slow growth. Adequately arm your sales force to meet quotas by giving them the ability to stay highly organized and efficient. With CRM tools, the bottom of the funnel is solidified, leading to more closed sales.

Beginning with the first customer call, CRM will help you keep track of every interaction, record details of communications, easily search each customer’s history, assign follow-up tasks — and much more.

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