7 Benefits of Distribution and Inventory Management for Medical Supplies and Devices Companies

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Medical supplies and devices companies provide a plethora of products, from diagnostic testing kits to surgical equipment (and everything in-between), that are essential to the health and well-being of people the world over. These companies must efficiently manage their inventory and distribution processes to ensure that their customers receive these critical items in a timely fashion and to ensure they succeed as a business. The best way to meet these objectives is by implementing medical supplies software and medical devices software.

NexTec, a company with over 26 years of experience specializing in industry-specific technology, highly recommends Acumatica Cloud ERP. Acumatica’s distribution software, inventory management software and warehousing management software provides a number of benefits that generic solutions cannot.

The 7 Benefits of Distribution and Inventory Management Software

Medical devices management is complex. There are many moving parts, and every part must seamlessly work together to provide the service, product and support customers expect. Distribution and inventory management software is a full-service tool that helps connect these moving parts by automating warehouse processes and streamlining operations—unlike solutions that only provide basic functionality.

The result of this automating and streamlining? When inventory counts, warehouse transfers, item location and shipment logging are handled by distribution and inventory management software, time-consuming, expensive and possibly inaccurate manual tasks are eliminated, and operational efficiency and cost savings are ushered in. The team at DAS Medical Holdings, LLC (DAS Medical) experienced it for themselves.

They produce single use drapes and surgical equipment, and their business was booming. When it came time to replace QuickBooks and implement a comprehensive Cloud ERP solution, they took NexTec’s advice and reviewed and ultimately chose Acumatica Cloud ERP for its manufacturing, inventory control and MRP capabilities.

“We’ve been able to ramp up our production volume without adding additional overhead,” says CFO Houston Lee. “Thanks to automated workflows in Acumatica, we’ve increased efficiency and cut the time it takes to report on production activity by over 50%.”

He also says they can now trust their inventory numbers. “We’ve got confidence in our numbers and are able to keep our stock at optimal levels.”

The benefits of increased production without increased costs along with improved efficiency are just the tip of the iceberg. Medical supplies software and medical devices software also allows users to:

  1. Reduce time-consuming manual involvement with purchase order workflow approval
  2. Manage all warehouse functions with integrated Warehouse Management Solution (WMS)
  3. Run global warehouses and logistics in real time from the office
  4. Effectively integrate the ERP system with other control systems
  5. Integrate WMS and Salesforce
  6. Ensure inventory accuracy with sales order and fulfillment center API integration, including Salesforce and more
  7. Track products by a variety of attributes, including by lot or unit, by storage types (refrigerated, climate-controlled, advanced-security) and by compatibility of products between location to ensure inventory is handled properly

NexTec’s ERP Selection Guide: Medical Supplies and Devices report provides further details into the benefits of industry-specific software and notes, “Finding better and more efficient ways to manage these challenges can help companies remain competitive and improve their bottom lines. To streamline operations and better manage business growth, leading medical supplies and devices companies depend on industry-specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions to ensure success.”

Acumatica’s Industry-Specific Cloud ERP Checks All the Boxes

As the medical supplies and devices industry engages with an aging population and assesses rising healthcare costs, challenges—growing competition, tightening safety regulations, the unexpected pandemic and more—abound. Thankfully, the right cloud ERP software can help businesses within the industry not only overcome these challenges but also increase customer satisfaction and profitability.

How do you select the right Cloud ERP solution? Check out Features to Look for in Software for Medical Supplies and Devices. You’ll find that Acumatica Cloud ERP checks all the boxes.

If Acumatica’s industry-specific software sounds like the right choice for you and your company, NexTec consultants would love to be your implementation partner. Our consultants have worked in the industries they now advise, offering expertise only found in the field. They know how to capitalize on trends in the industry and will share that knowledge with you.

To learn more about NexTec, Acumatica Cloud ERP and distribution and inventory management software functionality, contact our team today. We’d love to chat.


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