Choose the Right Medical Software with This ERP Beginner’s Guide

Choose the right medical software with this ERP Beginner's Guide

The last few years have taught us some valuable lessons. Perhaps the most important one of all has been prepare in advance for unexpected and unprecedented crises. However, it’s not a new lesson. “Be prepared” has been the Boy Scouts’ motto since the early 1900s, and it was created by founder Robert Baden-Powell. According to Scouting Magazine, when Baden-Powell was asked what someone should be prepared for, he answered, “Why, for any old thing.”

In today’s complex, ever-changing marketplace, “any old thing” includes continuing inflationary pressure and logistical disruption. For the medical devices and supplies industry to be prepared and able to weather the coming financial storm brought by these major challenges, they need the right technology that provides visibility into their financial planning and improves supply chain mobility.

NexTec’s new “Beginner’s Guide to ERP: Medical Supplies and Devices” reveals what the right technology is:

[E]nterprise Resource Planning (ERP)—medical supplies software and medical devices software designed specifically to meet and solve the industry’s challenges and uncover opportunities. With ERP, you can see operations clearly—from finance, purchasing and production to sales, people and customer management.

The guide provides a thorough explanation of what a modern Cloud ERP solution is and what it does. It outlines the eight core challenges medical supplies and devices businesses are facing right now, and it highlights the many benefits of a cloud ERP solution.

The following are six of the guide’s 14 ERP benefits:

  1. Integration
  2. Visibility
  3. Mobility
  4. Customer Service
  5. Customization
  6. Data Security

These benefits alone are enough to help a medical devices and supplies business prepare for an uncertain future but add in the core features of medical supplies software and medical devices software, and “be prepared” takes on a whole new meaning. The core ERP features include Manufacturing Management, Financial Management, Distribution & Inventory, Customer Management, and Governance & Compliance, and the capabilities of each one are fully detailed within the guide.

Download the “Beginner’s Guide to ERP: Medical Supplies and Devices” today to learn everything there is to know about preparing for the unknown, including how ERP helps medical supplies and devices businesses track inventory in real-time, streamline warehouse processes, and ensure quality and compliance. As a bonus, learn how to determine which ERP is the best option out of the many options available.

At NexTec, we already know the best option: Acumatica Cloud ERP. As a comprehensive cloud-based ERP solution, Acumatica has the tools, features and functionalities that medical supplies and devices businesses need to find success in a competitive, evolving, and digital marketplace. If you have questions about Acumatica or would like to schedule a demonstration after reading the guide, reach out to our team of experts. We’d love to chat.

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