On-Demand Webcast: Beyond Excel – How modern finance teams are leveraging technology for re-forecasting success

Event Date

February 15, 2024

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With today’s data rich environment, there is more information to be analyzed than ever before. And Finance teams are under constant pressure to provide strategic direction to the business while they meet the daily pressures of deadlines for the month-end and quarter-end. Digital transformation can help streamline data processes and make the lives of finance teams easier and improve insights which allows businesses to be more agile and competitive.

Experts from Nextec Group and Prophix discuss how finance teams are turning to technology for continuous planning and forecasting. They illustrate how automated integrations with business systems can provide a single view of financial truth, which avoids all the manual error-prone work of data dumping and analysis in Excel.

During our webinar, we cover how a Financial Performance Platform can:

  • Enrich your Sage X3 instance to improve business insights and take control of financial health
  • Avoid out-of-date forecasts that lead to misguided decision making and over-spending
  • Increase agility to mitigate exposure to inflation and interest rate fluctuations
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration and accountability
  • Increase executive confidence in data and decisions

View our on-demand webinar and download our presentation and datasheet to learn more.

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