Five Reasons to Make the Switch from Dynamics GP to Acumatica Cloud ERP

For years, Microsoft Dynamics GP served your company well. But the introduction of Cloud ERP solutions changed everything. Growing businesses need software that is flexible, resilient and innovative. In times of turmoil or disaster, Cloud ERP helps protect your business from prolonged outages with frequent backups and allows your entire team to access the platform from anywhere at any time.

Over the past 12 months, Microsoft has shifted its focus away from Dynamics GP. Our NexTec customers have found huge success in switching from their GP solutions to Acumatica Cloud ERP, winner of Best ERP Software by PCMag and Best Manufacturing Solution by SIIA CODIE Awards.

Below, we highlight the reasons why our customers chose to convert to Acumatica and how you can make the switch to the most adaptable business management solution on the market.

Why Convert?

The number one thing we hear from our Dynamics GP customers who have switched to Acumatica is, “I wish I had done this sooner.” Here’s why:

1. Deployment

Implementing a new ERP is a big undertaking, which may be part of the reason you’ve put off making the switch. The good news is that ERP software has evolved to make implementing and learning a new solution easier than ever.

Acumatica is a true cloud and mobile product that makes it easy for customers to choose the applications they want to implement and when. Flexible deployment options, browser-based access and multiple licensing choices make the implementation process much more streamlined than in the past. Acumatica’s screen navigation and module layout are very similar to GP but offer much more robust functionality and its point-and-click conversion tool helps speed up and simplify the conversion process.

2. Integration

Older software solutions have trouble integrating with modern tools for eCommerce or advanced warehouse management. According to a report released by Gartner, organizations must modernize their integration strategy if they want to ensure success. One the biggest roadblocks to this integration strategy is relying on inflexible tools and techniques meant for previous-generation ERP deployments.

Fortunately, a cloud-based solution like Acumatica comes with built-in API automation that simplifies electronic communication with third-party apps. Popular tools like Shopify or sales tax software Avalara are easy to integrate and can help extend your Acumatica software to meet the specific needs of your business.

3. Cost

We get it, switching from Dynamics GP sounds costly and time-consuming. But what if we told you that customers who have already converted from Dynamics GP to Acumatica were able to enhance operational efficiency, improve growth margins and increase sales volume?

By investing in a system built for the new digital economy, you can:

  • Reduce the cost of goods sold
  • Reallocate IT resources
  • Optimize marketing spend

Not convinced? Calculate your ROI with this free interactive tool.

4. Scalability

Planning for the future can be difficult without the proper tools in place to help you adapt to changing circumstances. While it’s impossible to be certain about your business’ growth path, having a future-proof business management solution in place will result in a fully connected business that achieves continuity and resiliency no matter what the future holds.

With Acumatica, there is no restrictive per-user pricing model, so you can extend the solution to add more users when needed. In terms of functionality, growing businesses may start by implementing Acumatica’s financial management and CRM features and plug into new tools for distribution management or BI further down the road. Cloud ERP solutions like Acumatica are designed to allow you to start small and expand your business processes when you’re ready.

5. Accessibility

One of the biggest benefits of switching to a Cloud ERP is the ability to access your business information anywhere, at any time, from any device.

Acumatica offers 24/7 system access from any location on any device. Your system’s user interface is responsive, which means that it adapts to various screen sizes and orientations, making workflows consistent no matter how your team is interacting with the system. For employees out in the field, the Acumatica mobile app is incredibly user-friendly and helps make tasks like time or expense reporting simple and efficient.

NexTec Group has one of the largest and most experienced teams of certified Acumatica and GP consultants. The dual-product expertise gives us a distinct advantage in helping our customers make the transition to the Cloud. To learn more about switching to Acumatica, check out our Dynamics GP to Acumatica Conversion Guide or reach out to us. We’d love to chat.

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