Quality control in the chemical industry demands an outstanding ERP

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September 27, 2018
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Industry-specific quality control allows chemical companies to reduce costs, improve production, and boost reputations.

Quality control is a priority in the chemical industry, ensuring that products are made according to the right formulas and that finished goods can be rated at the appropriate potency, eliminating loss of revenue or waste.

That’s why having an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that’s customized for the chemical industry needs to be an essential part of any IT strategy. As seen in the recent post, Why Chemical Businesses Should Choose an Industry-Specific ERP, there are considerable other benefits to choosing a solution that is made to meet your chemical company’s needs. Frankly, quality control in the chemical industry demands an outstanding ERP.

Defining Quality Control

Quality control in the chemical industry is designed around a simple premise: mistakes happen. However, while recognizing that errors, defects and problems are going to occur, quality control focuses on identifying and solving those issues early.

Catching issues and problems early in the production process ensures that batches are not ruined and that products do not need to be recalled. Quality control involves regular and consistent testing and analysis of products to ensure that any suboptimal results are corrected soon.

Benefits of Quality Control

With great quality control work in place, chemical companies can gain a decided market advantage. Among the core advantages of sound quality control are:

  • Lower costs due to reduced waste and better co-product and byproduct results
  • Greater productivity and less down time
  • Improved reputation management with customers and clients
  • Better supply chain relationship and transparency
  • Improved industry-wide reputation
  • Compliance with federal, international and industry regulations
  • Enhanced worker and consumer safety
  • Better reproducibility of results via standards and sample measurement accuracy

The advantages are clear. What’s not obvious is why a generic ERP solution is problematic. Basic ERPs are designed to meet the needs of the broadest customer base.

However, the requirements of your chemical company are likely nuanced and industry-specific. Purchasing a generic ERP solution means costly customization, work-arounds, or third-party applications necessary to meet standards and compliance mandates.

With an industry-specific ERP, you’ll be working with a vendor that has focused on building a product that is created with chemical companies in mind, with standard features that are suited for quality control needs.

Woman placing liquid in a glass tube.

Your chemical company needs an enterprise resource planning solution that can function within industry guidelines and norms.

An Industry-Specific ERP Solution

With an ERP solution designed to support chemical companies, you will have features and functionality that supports and enhanced your quality control work. Using automation tools, reporting, and data analysis capabilities, your chemical industry ERP solution offers an array of tools to leverage all the benefits of a strong QC program.

While features of your enterprise resource planning solution may vary, here are a few of the standard items in an industry-specific ERP:

  • Plan and checklist tracking
  • User-defined values for accepted, tolerance, and recount statuses
  • Tracking and quarantining of products
  • Sample pulling from batches
  • Sample analysis
  • Report and data archiving
  • Customizable quality control reports
  • Data analysis and recording
  • Monitoring tools
  • Marking items in inventory with at-risk and other QC statuses
  • Integration of results with Safety Data Sheets
  • Inventory disposition management driven by QC status
  • Certificates of Analysis generation

At NexTec, we work closely with chemical companies to understand their specific needs. We help identify vendors and products that are built to meet those needs, both for quality control and other industry-specific functionality. Contact us to learn more about how NexTec is a trusted partner for chemical company’s looking to improve performance, operability and quality.