The facts are in: automation saves businesses between $5-15 per sales order and reduces sales order cycle times by more than 46%. That’s why more and more NexTec customers are turning to automated document management and paperless processes with solutions like DocLink.

As a growing business, you understand the challenges associated with manual processes and paper documents. From not being able to find documents, to spending too much time getting manual approvals on invoices, the costs and delays are too high to ignore.

In a recent webcast, our consultants sat down with DocLink’s team of experts to discuss how to go paperless and automate your AP, contract management and sales order processing. We also discussed the benefits of automated document management, which include:

  • Cost Savings that come from not having to rely on offsite or warehouse document storage, paper and copier fees, personnel and labor costs, and courier charges.
  •  Time Savings that occur when staff doesn’t have to spend time searching for paper documents, filing, copying, entering data or spending weeks obtaining approvals.
  • Strategic Initiatives that allow organizations to grow without adding staff, take advantage of early pay discounts, avoid late fees and painful audits, ensure compliance and better prepare for natural disasters.

To learn more about how document management and business process automation streamlines processes, eliminates data entry and provides easy access to documents, check out our recent webcast below:

To learn how DocLink and Sage X3 can work for your business, reach out to us. We’d love to chat.

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