Microsoft Dynamics 365 for
Sales and Marketing Foundations

The key to getting a solid, quick start in CRM is having a firm foundation.

Manage your sales. Not your technology.

Built on award winning cloud technology from Microsoft, Dynamics 365 Sales and Marketing Foundations
makes it easy for your organization to get started quickly and move onto the things that matter most to you –
whether that’s marketing, selling or servicing your existing customers.

Get up and running with your new CRM system in 2 weeks.

Assign leads, manage opportunities and track your sales pipeline.

Easily manage your leads and opportunities and close more sales.

See the progress towards your sales goals with reports and dashboards.

Foundations CRM allows you to turn information
into direction, effortlessly

What's it cost?

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Is CRM really that important?

Is CRM really that important?

As one of the most popular solution businesses invest, CRM software isn’t just fun to have; it’s absolutely essential to remain competitive.

5 pain points that CRM can help your company solve

Here are 5 common pain points that your business might be facing and how CRM can help solve it.

5 pain points CRM can solve
5 Point CRM Checklist

5-point CRM checklist

The right CRM can reduce your marketing costs by 23 percent. Here are 5 criteria to consider when choosing a CRM for your business.

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