The Importance of Mobile Technology for the Construction Industry

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Why is investing in mobile technology important for those in the construction industry? The answer lies in understanding the benefits of making the investment and the risks of not. It also lies in understanding that not just any mobile technology will do. A construction firm that wants to increase efficiency, access critical business information easily and share project updates in real time with office teams should be looking for modern cloud-based construction management ERP software with an integrated mobile application.

In other words, it’s time to kick outdated technology to the curb.

Outdated Technology is Risky Business

“Outdated” should never be the term describing the technology a construction business uses to manage their business management needs. If it is, then it means the organization is running on legacy construction accounting systems, which possibly date back to the 1990s.

Unfortunately, these solutions are usually slow, disconnected and often dependent on manual intervention. In addition, remote access is either nonexistent and field technicians are still relying on phone calls and office visits to provide project updates or relying on a separate application that doesn’t sync with the accounting and construction systems already in place. Both situations lead to multiple data sources that don’t align. The fix may rest on a custom integration, a necessary evil that can be expensive and even short circuit growth.

A lack of communication and connection does not bode well for construction projects that are constantly changing and require quick decision making based on accurate information. Those in the field need to be able to access and update project documentation from wherever they are and whenever they need. And their updates must be conveyed to the front-and-back-office teams in real time.

Bringing a project in on time and on budget while struggling with outdated technology is not a recipe for success. Instead, it negatively impacts the bottom line and customer satisfaction.

Mobile technology that seamlessly integrates with modern, cloud-based construction ERP software is the missing ingredient.

How Construction Companies Benefit from Cloud ERP Software and Mobile Technology

Before addressing the benefits of mobile technology integrated with a Cloud ERP solution, it’s critical to understand what Cloud ERP is. It is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software—a business management solution acting as the heart of a business, integrating core business processes and synchronizing business data in one place—that is accessible via the internet. Thus, the term “cloud-based” is used to reference software that can be accessed by employees in the office, in the field, traveling or at home.

Modern cloud-based construction management ERP software, such as Acumatica Cloud ERP and Acumatica Construction, offers built-in mobile technology. This integrated capability benefits construction firms by:

  • Giving field technicians immediate access to data and to business-critical systems while in the field, facilitating faster execution of paperwork, approvals and more
  • Eliminating double data entry with one-time, one-application data input that automatically syncs with every Cloud ERP application
  • Increasing visibility across multiple project locations, ensuring real-time communication and collaboration
  • Reducing delays by updating RFIs and project notes/issues remotely

Having mobile capabilities increases efficiency and eliminates the frustrating, time-consuming challenges brought by outdated technology and disconnected systems. However, it’s important that construction professionals, whether general contractors, subcontractors, home builders or land developers, vet their construction management ERP software options.

How Acumatica Cloud ERP and NexTec Group Can Help

The vetting process, according to NexTec’s complimentary Construction Management: ERP Selection Guide, should involve assembling a project team to determine the features, functions and requirements essential to the construction firm’s success (hint: an integrated mobile app is essential); conducting a business process review to identify areas the firm would benefit from a connected business management system; and select the right solution. This last step is best done with the aid of an experienced consulting partner, like NexTec Group.

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NexTec specializes in industry-specific technology offered by consultants who have experience in the industries they advise. We know the construction industry, and we know Acumatica. As a Gold-Certified Acumatica Partner, we believe Acumatica Construction can improve the way construction companies work.

Acumatica Construction is modern cloud-based construction ERP software that was designed to meet the construction industry’s specific needs. From accounting, contracts and changes orders to compliance and customer relationships, construction firms can manage all business processes from a centralized and integrated platform. Commonly used applications, such as Office 365, Power BI and HubSpot, seamlessly integrate with Acumatica Cloud ERP as do construction solutions, such as ProEst and Procore.

Additionally, Acumatica’s mobile app allows role-based access to the platform at any time, from any location and on any web-enabled device. Companies with teams spread out between the office and onsite locations, like those in the construction industry, are able to manage every process and utilize real-time data efficiently and profitably.

To learn more about Acumatica’s construction management ERP software, contact our NexTec experts today. We provide clear information that will help organizations make informed buying decisions. We’d love to chat.

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