14 user tips to maximize your Acumatica experience

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December 18, 2018
Enterprise resource planning

Acumatica ERP provides powerful tools that integrate core business functions for companies looking to boost performance and revenue.

For small- to medium-sized businesses, Acumatica is an enterprise resource planning software (ERP) solution that dynamically connects the various parts of your business. Those interconnections allow for data to be shared, accessed and used to drive dramatic improvements in performance and outcomes.

Whether you’re a new or experienced Acumatica user or considering deploying a new ERP solution, understanding how this market leader works can help you maximize your technology investment.

Explore the capabilities that make Acumatica such a powerful platform and discover the many benefits of Acumatica, the cloud ERP.

An Acumatica Overview

Enterprise resource planning solutions integrate data and functionalities across departments within organizations. A comprehensive ERP can help integrate data and process flows in myriad areas, including:

  • Finance, including accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Warehouse and inventory management
  • Operations management
  • Project management
  • Distribution
  • Resource scheduling
  • Sales and marketing

Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP works by integrating your data and adding transparency to information and processes. Your employees will be more efficient, collaborative and productive.

Acumatica Benefits

For businesses that are looking to streamline operations and leverage the latest technologies, Acumatica offers features that deliver. Some of the core benefits:

  • Connected operations.  Your data is connected across operational units. Users can access information on accounts, billing, pricing, production schedules and product availability from any computing device.
  • Universal access. With your data in the cloud, it’s accessible from anywhere and on any device. You do not need to maintain servers or other equipment. Secure logins and integration with common other workplace applications gives you seamless and integrated access.
  • Cost predictability. Acumatica features an unlimited user license, meaning there’s no incremental cost to adding new employees. Your IT team won’t have to install or configure software on new desktop computers and mobile devices, either.
  • Scalability. You only pay for the computing power you use. As your company scales, so too can your technology. You won’t have to struggle with over- or under-capacity technology solutions that are misaligned with your growth.
  • Improved cash flow. Acumatica allows you to take orders and fulfill them faster with fewer mistakes. With functionality to manage discounts, terms and conditions, contracts, billing, and lagging account alerts, you’ll be able to collect and reconcile quickly.
  • Responsive support. With Acumatica, you have access to customer service teams with the training and experience to help resolve problems, conflicts or challenges with the software.
  • Security. With Acumatica, you can be confident that your data is secured, protected by industry-leading tools to safeguard against cyberattacks. Data is protected from both digital and physical attack. Your data is also backed up regularly, with you controlling where it’s stored. In the case of a natural disaster or other emergency, these safeguards ensure your data is restored quickly.
  • Customer relations. Your organization will have a 360-degree view of your customers. From initial contact to contract and support, you can easily access interactions and understand your customers at a deeper level, anticipate needs and respond quickly.
  • Accuracy. Acumatica helps reduce mistakes by eliminating the need to transfer, convert or re-key information across systems. The quality, consistency and usability of data jumps with the use of automated integration tools.
  • Upgrade flexibility. Unlike other software packages that require upgrades on a schedule, Acumatica gives its clients the flexibility to upgrade the software when it makes business sense to do so.
  • Intuitive use. Acumatica users can customize their views, reports and displays to meet their specific needs. Acumatica uses browser-based point-and-click tools, drop-down menus and visualizations that make it easy to learn and use.

Acumatica Tips and Tricks

With so many features and capabilities, Acumatica can jump-start every area of your business. Here is a closer look at some great tips and tricks for using the ERP solution.

1. Drag and Drop Attachments

From your browser window, you can easily add spreadsheets, inventory documents, pricing lists, customer profiles or other documents to system records. Just drag the file into the record and it will be attached automatically.

2. Filters

Acumatica allows you to store and use massive amounts of data. When you’re querying the system on that data, you may need to sort through that information quickly.

Acumatica’s data grids use filters to help you get the information you need, allowing you to filter at the header and summary levels or at the column level. If you’re deep inside a list of data and realize you want to create a filter, click Shift-F and the column you’re in will be filtered.

Like many other Acumatica features, you can customize filters that can be used each time to open an inquiry and share with other team members.

3. Embed Tools

Sometimes quick widgets, help get common tasks done faster. With Acumatica, you can embed these tools — whether a currency exchanger, calendar function or other useful time-saver – directly into dashboards.

4. Add Columns

Don’t like the columns that are displayed in your Acumatica grids? One click is all it takes to pull up the Column Configuration tool, which lets you add or remove columns from your views and order them the way you want to. Whether you prefer all the information being in one place or favor more concise perspectives on data, Acumatica provides the ability to choose those views and everything in between.

5. Export to Excel

The grid format in Acumatica is familiar to anyone who works regularly with spreadsheets. If you prefer your data in Microsoft Excel, you can quickly export with a navigation button on the top of your screen. If you’re using an OData feature, you can easily refresh your data from the spreadsheet on demand.

6. Reports and Dashboards

If you couple Acumatica’s ERP with the Microsoft Power BI or other certified third-party BI tool, you can visualize the information you’re using in a dashboard. Couple that with information from external sources, like Salesorce or Excel, to make more informed decisions.

7. Make Document Templates

Accounting is often about repeatable work that can be automated, saving labor and eliminating repetitive tasks. With Acumatica, you can use a simple copy-and-paste feature to create a new template out of documents. After the template is created, use the fields feature to add items you want included when someone uses the template to create a new document.

8. Favorites

Instead of clicking through each time to a page you use regularly, you can create a Favorites page that gives you a bookmarked shortcut that eliminates moving from one module to another.

9. Multi-Factor Authentication

Keeping data, systems and users safe is critical. Acumatica provides several options for clients wanting to use multi-factor authentication to keep the platform secure. Security tokens, mobile phone text messages, VPNs and emailed codes are all options available to Acumatica clients using single sign-on tools from Microsoft, Google and OneLogin.

10. Business Event Automation

Automation is at the heart of Acumatica. With the Business Event feature, you can create email alerts that automate processes without complex programming. Use the capabilities to notify customers of upcoming due dates or when orders are ready. Reassign or update sales leads after the expected close date has passed. Alert warehouse employees when shipments are incoming.

11. File Version Management

When there are multiple users working on a document, revisions are inevitable. The versions feature lets you attach different iterations of a file and give it a brief description to show users how documents have been changed.

12. More Tabs

Many Acumatica users want multiple sessions of the product available for different tasks. Keeping multiple tabs open is no problem with Acumatica. You have three ways to quickly open a new tab and continue working quickly: Right-click on links to open, Ctrl-click or clicking a link with a mouse scroll wheel get the job done fast.

13. Real-Time Project Accounting

Acumatica gives you real-time insights into projects with job costing, performance against budget and billing calculation functions. Add unique billing rules and recurring charges automatically to projects, coordinate billing and link invoices to projects or tasks.

14. Integrations

Acumatica has integration agreements with many commonly used third-party software providers. You can add extensions and integrate your Acumatica data with credit card processing, document management, manufacturing, supply chain management, project management, warehouse management, CAD integration, HR, payroll, consignment, e-commerce, print, promotion, and barcode data solutions.

These helpful tips are just a few of the great capabilities users can leverage to get the most out of their Acumatica experience.

Putting It Together

Maximizing the capabilities of Acumatica ERP means having a trusted partner to guide you through the implementation journey.

NexTec Group works closely with clients to identify the right ERP solution like Acumatica that meets unique business needs. Our skilled teams of consultants have extensive expertise in Acumatica installations.

As a Gold Certified Partner, NexTec works with Acumatica customers across industry verticals to deliver wise counsel and insights that ease the transition and have your operations working quickly. To learn more about how NexTec and Acumatica can help unleash the power of data in your organization, give Acumatica a try.