Why Construction Businesses Need to Invest in a Digital Strategy for Growth

Like most industries, the events of 2020 took a toll on construction and engineering. Fortunately, businesses in these industries have been able to respond to the economic downturn faster than others due in large part to the preparedness of the industry as a whole. After the devastating impact of the 2008 recession, engineering and construction companies were set up to weather sudden shifts in the economy. And like many other industries, construction is ready to rebound as pandemic restrictions are eased, businesses reopen and people are eager to get back to work. 

To set themselves apart and ensure success, construction businesses need to invest in modern technology for growth. The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of shifting to business management tools in the Cloud that provide users with access to critical information remotely and project status updates in real time. To ensure resiliency and business continuity, there’s never been a better time to invest in Cloud-based software built specifically for the construction industry.

Our new ERP Selection Guide for construction management outlines the benefits of Cloud ERP software, the features to look for in an industry-built solution and how to go about selecting the right system for your business. It also highlights why leading construction businesses choose Acumatica Construction Edition to increase collaboration, streamline processes and increase project profitability. Download your copy of our ERP Selection Guide for construction management here. 

For more information on how to address challenges in the construction industry – including breaking down data silos, determining profitable projects and increasing visibility into labor costs – check out our recorded webcast. In it, our industry experts demonstrate how Acumatica software helps construction companies streamline communication, track projects in real time and eliminate costly delays. To learn more about NexTec Group and Acumatica, get in touch with us. We’d love to chat. 


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