ASM International Improves Security and Streamlines Annual Budget Cycle with Acumatica

SL to Acumatica

ASM International is a membership organization for material scientists around the globe. Since its inception in 1913, ASM International has been on a mission to gather and disseminate knowledge, provide educational materials and offer research and development resources to its members. 

To ensure that it’s offering its community the most modern, cutting edge information and resources, ASM International works to always embrace technology in every aspect of its operations. This is why it recently decided to upgrade its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to Acumatica Cloud ERP with the help of NexTec Group’s consulting team.  

“NexTec has been our technology partner for years,” says King Minder, CNAP, Controller for ASM International. “When we determined it was time to move our operations to the Cloud, NexTec was the partner we turned to first.” 


The Challenge 

Prior to implementing Acumatica, ASM International was using Microsoft Dynamics SL as its ERP solution. The company knew the technology was dated and incapable of supporting the organization’s growth. 

On top of this, manual workflows for processes like approvals left the company open to potential fraud. “Before [Acumatica], we would send emails with attachments around to approvers,” says Miner. “Somebody spoofed an email address and inserted themselves into the invoice approval processes, attempting to change the payment information.” 

Miner also points to issues around the company’s annual budget cycle, which was manual, extremely time-consuming and open to data entry error. 


The Solution 

Before selecting its new ERP solution, the team at ASM International did its due diligence and reviewed multiple cloud accounting solutions before deciding on Acumatica and NexTec. “Other applications we reviewed required us to purchase several add-on pieces to give us the complete functionality we need. Acumatica was the one solution that offers everything we need in a single solution,” says Miner. 

Since going live on Acumatica, ASM International has been able to ensure its approval process is much more secure and are confident that they are protected from any future threats. In terms of its annual budget cycle, Miner says Acumatica has saved the company countless hours: “Shortly after implementation, NexTec made sure everyone received training in the budgeting module. Previously, we’d send templates to each line-of-business manager, who’d fill it in and send it back. We’d then have to review it, enter it into Dynamics SL, then generate another template for round two. [With Acumatica,] the finance team can now focus on other budget cycle tasks and managers feel more empowered.” 

To read more about ASM International’s switch from Dynamics SL to Acumatica, check out their customer story. For more information on how NexTec can help you select, implement and optimize the right solution for your business, reach out to us. We’d love to chat. 



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