5 Ways to Modernize Your Construction Business with Cloud Software

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For years, construction businesses have been managing projects with disconnected legacy systems and workarounds. Though this has seemed to work, businesses should never have to work around their business management solution. It’s time for construction professionals, like yourself, to consider modernizing your business by implementing construction ERP software, like Acumatica Construction Edition. 

5 Ways Cloud Software Modernizes Your Construction Business 

Before looking at the ways implementing cloud software modernizes your construction business, it might be helpful to first look at the ways you’ve been struggling to manage your accounting, project, bidding, estimating and scheduling needs with separate software and systems. 

For example, whether you’re a general contractor, subcontractor, home builder or land developer, dealing with disconnected systems has resulted in: 

  • Data silos: Information from different departments is not synchronized nor accessible by other departments, leading to multiple versions of the truth and poor visibility. 
  • Human error: Without updated or complete information, mistakes can be made. 
  • Lack of control: Coordinating projects with systems, departments and people that are not talking to each other causes headaches and budget issues.

In addition, these disconnected, past-their-prime systems often require manual processing of month-end and year-end reports, which hinders your ability to gauge the overall health of your business.  

Modern construction software within a comprehensive Cloud ERP solution overcomes these barriersCloud-based ERP solutions allow companies to seamlessly connect their planning, production, operation, accounting, finance, purchasing and inventory processes onto one platform, supplying the business with a single solution. Employees from every department can access the synchronized information at any time and from anywhere.  

With construction management ERP software, you can:  

  1. Streamline and enhance communication 
  2. Track projects in real time 
  3. Eliminate costly delays 
  4. Automate workflows to increase collaboration 
  5. Gain access to data anytime, from anywhere 

The benefits of modernizing and connecting your business are impressive, and the aligning of technology, people and processes means your business is now a connected business. However, overcoming your barriers to success is contingent on one thing: choosing the right ERP system.  

One way to ensure you choose the best system is by downloading our Construction Management: ERP Selection Guide. It further explains the benefits of Cloud ERP software and outlines the features an industry-built and effective solution, such as Acumatica Cloud ERP, should have to help you navigate an increasingly complex industry.  

Acumatica Cloud ERP for Construction Management SuccessEven in Tough Times 

As 2021 continues, the construction industry is working to rebound after the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Association of General Contractors (AGC) is concerned that rising material costs, supply chain disruptions and project cancellations are delaying a robust recovery, but demand from the residential sector is helping. And an analysis by Deloitte suggests there’s reason to be optimistic as the industry shifts towards digital transformation. “Connected technologies and an increase in associated investments may help firms realize new operational efficiencies.” 

Investing in a digital strategy is where implementing Acumatica’s construction-focused cloud software comes in. It can help you become more efficient and profitable by keeping projects on track, trimming costs, making strategic decisions based on updated data and moreAcumatica customer Anderson Pinto, Owner and CEO of Hartzell Construction, can attest to this. 

I needed a system that my accounting department, which is the heart of the company, could utilize. I also needed a system that could communicate with my scheduling and estimating departments,” he says in Hartzell Construction’s Acumatica success story. “I was looking for a complete system. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted until we came across Acumatica. A good 70 to 80 percent of my time is now spent helping my guys and the business grow. My time is spent properly managing the company and improving the company’s bottom line.” 

He also says, “I truly believed Acumatica would be good to partner with after seeing the innovative technology Acumatica is bringing to help modernize the industry.” 

With over 25 years of experience advising more than 600 customers on making the best technology investments for their business, NexTec believes Acumatica’s construction management ERP software is the right software for ensuring success in a complex and competitive market. Contact us today to learn more. We’d love to chat.

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