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Webcast: 2018 Year-End Closing for Microsoft Dynamics SL (recorded webcast)

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Webcast: Microsoft Dynamics SL Year-End Closing 2017

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Whether this is your first time closing the books, or you need a brief brush-up training session, make sure to watch this webcast on 2017 year-end closing with Microsoft Dynamics SL. We understand how stressful this time can be and want to make sure you have a very smooth and seamless closing process.

We reviewed all the proper procedures and processes that need to be performed to ensure your organization successfully closes your year end books with ease. In our webcast on 2017 year-end closing with Dynamics SL, we go over the:

  • Year-end closing process
  • General Ledger closing procedures
  • AR/AP closing procedures
  • Inventory closing procedures
  • Sales order processing procedures
  • Purchase order processing procedures
  • Payroll closing procedures ​

Packaged or out of the box? Which ERP solution is best?

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When it comes to business software, it's time to step outside the box.

When it comes to business software, it’s time to step outside the box.

Every business is unique. Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, from a plethora of industries, and serve an endless array of unique clientele. Since businesses are so prone to variation, many of the one-size-fits-all software applications simply don’t suffice for business needs. So, when it comes to enterprise resource planning (ERP), is it better to purchase packaged ERP or a customized solution? Here are some things to consider.

No two businesses are the same

When you’re purchasing a prepackaged ERP solution, it’s one that’s designed to cater to a variety of businesses. Similar to the one-size-fits-all hats, they never truly fit everyone. For some, it may fit loosely and others it may be too tight. With ERP, that problem is compounded. If your business is small, you may end up paying for more services than you need, and if your business is large, you may realize the packaged solution doesn’t provide everything you’re looking for.

With flexible ERP solutions, you can assemble a customized service package that fits your precise needs as a company, eliminating waste while conserving financial resources. It will be equipped with customizable tools and tailored functionality that conforms to your exact needs as a business, setting your company up for success.

You need a customized relational database

With a relational database, data structures are customized to the needs of your organization, and the design can be tweaked as changes in your business model occur. This will provide your business with enhanced flexibility, accessing a solution that can be tailored to the precise needs of your company.

Your business is constantly evolving

Prepackaged ERP solutions are incredibly restricted. Unfortunately, in the business world, there are no constants. Your business is always changing and evolving, growing and expanding, and perpetually adapting to external trends. You need a software solution that’s as flexible as your business and can be perpetually scaled to meet your growing needs. Cloud-based ERP is ideal for this aim. Unlike on-premises software, you don’t need to invest in new software and hardware as you scale your software solution. Instead, you can perpetually scale your software needs via the cloud, so your software application will continue to grow along with you.

growing-4-4_600xYou need software that works with your current processes

Many businesses fall into the trap of relying on legacy software for much longer than needed, simply due to the fear of change. Implementing new software applications often produce the undesirable result of disturbing current businesses processes amid the rollout. However, this can all be avoided with a customized software solution that’s built for your business. The software can be designed to integrate with your current business processes, so as not to disrupt workflow upon deployment.

By investing in a prepackaged solution, you are binding yourself to a software application that may soon be outgrown or become irrelevant to your business needs. You need a software that provides the elasticity needed to adapt to your business model. At NexTec, our team will work alongside your business to assess your needs and design a solution that’s tailored to those needs, providing you with a custom-built software application that fully supports your business operations. Contact us to learn more.

NexTec hosts year-end closing 2016 webcasts for Microsoft Dynamics GP, SL, Sage X3 and Sage 500

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It’s that time of year again and we’re excited to announce that we will be hosting our 2016 year-end closing process webcasts for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics SL, Sage X3 and Sage 500.

Join NexTec Group for our one-hour webcast and learn the year-end process and take away other valuable tips and tricks for closing your year-end with ease. Visit our Events page for more details.

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP – Year-end closing 2016 process (12/8/2016, 2:00-3:00 PM EST)
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL – Year-end closing 2016 process (12/13/2016, 2:00-3:00 PM EST)
  • Sage X3 – Year-end closing 2016 process (12/14/2016, 2:00-3:00 PM EST)
  • Sage 500 – Year-end closing 2016 process (12/15/2016, 2:00-3:00 PM EST)

Dynamics SL Demo

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Take a tour of Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL is a full-service enterprise management solution that provides a comprehensive view of your organization. The right ERP can mean the difference between a middle of the road business and a force to be reckoned with – Dynamics SL is a proven, value adding solution that helps you achieve a competitive advantage.

Contact NexTec today to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics SL

To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics SL or to schedule some time with us for a private demonstration, please contact us. With offices in Seattle, Los Angeles, Houston, Cleveland, Columbus, New Jersey, New York and Orlando, there’s a NexTec Group professional near you. We deliver local, consistent resources you can depend on.

Dynamics SL Benefits

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Top benefits of Microsoft Dynamics SL

With a flexible Microsoft Dynamics SL solution implemented by NexTec Group, processes are streamlined and details are tracked automatically, freeing you up to concentrate on what you do best. Customizable dashboards tailor information to each user’s role while a familiar interface encourages high user adoption. Microsoft Dynamics SL is a flexible and powerful business solution. Other benefits of Microsoft Dynamics SL include:

Increased flexibility

Microsoft Dynamics SL allows you to bridge the gap between project management and accounting by providing you with flexibility to your unique business requirements.

Familiar user environment

Dynamics SL is easy to use because of its familiar interface which is similar to Microsoft Office products like Excel, Outlook and Word.

Quick report access

Dynamics SL gives you real-time report data at your fingertips. Tools like Quick Query allow you to customize and filter predefined data.

Project accounting and project management

Dynamics SL two-way integration with Microsoft Project Service provides you with real-time data for all your projects. Using it ensures accuracy in your billing system, eliminates duplicate data entry and gives you reports and valuable insight into your organization.

Simplify compliance

Dynamics SL 2015 allows you to keep up with U.S. government regulations while using the Government Contractor report. It also allows you to store documents for future reference.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

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Microsoft Dynamics SL meets the unique needs of project-driven businesses like construction, engineering and government contracting

If your business is project-driven, then Microsoft Dynamics SL is for you

Your business faces challenges every day with shrinking margins, increased competition and the complexities of managing a large client roster. Keeping track of each project’s minute details, staying up to date with unique client specifications and optimizing the skill set of your staff takes time and attention. With your concentration split between project management and project accounting, does your business have the leadership it requires to succeed?

Microsoft Dynamics SL is a full-service enterprise management solution that provides a comprehensive view of your organization. The right ERP can mean the difference between a middle-of-the-road business and a force to be reckoned with — Dynamics SL is a proven, value-adding solution that helps you achieve a competitive advantage.

NexTec has 20-plus years of industry experience and prides itself on working with a business from idea through to implementation. We strive to ensure that your Dynamics SL experience is delivered on time, on budget, and up to your standards.

Realistic expectations, rapid response

Undertaking an ERP project is a big commitment; success requires certified team members who are professional, consistent, and reliable, and that is what you will find at NexTec. We work with you to make sure that your Microsoft Dynamics SL solution provides maximum value. You need a consultant like NexTec, who has your company’s best interests at heart and who’s invested in your industry and your solution. Your success is our goal; let us apply our leading technology and business expertise to help your business live up to its full potential.

Contact NexTec today to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics Training: So you get the best out of your Dynamics partner

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10672265_l22If you have recently had a Microsoft Dynamics partner software installed into your home then know that it’s useless unless you get the Microsoft Dynamics training to go with it. You will have employees completely lost using the program and, as a result, it won’t be as effective if they were using it correctly and making the most out of it as they could be from the get go.

While some employers in the past have not wanted to pay the extra money to train their employees on the software or pay their employees for the time it takes to be trained, they’ve learned to regret it. They thought that the program would be installed and that their employees would just figure it out. However, that’s not the case and you can lose valuable customers this way. If your employees know how to use the software to their advantage, you are going to be like so many other companies who made the investment in the software and the training and are now thriving in the business world.

Microsoft CRM Software: Because you want to succeed and you want happy workers

Microsoft CRM software is ineffective if your employees don’t know how to use it. That doesn’t mean the software isn’t fantastic and hasn’t changed businesses from being a small business to a major money maker through this software program. It means that you wouldn’t give a sixteen-year-old the keys to the car without first teaching them the basics of how to drive it. You need the training for it to really make a difference.