Connected Construction: How the Right Cloud Construction Software Sets Your Business Up for Success

Can construction companies succeed if they lack visibility into their entire organization? How about if they’re unable to offer seamless communication between office and field teams? The simple answer is “no.” Operating as a disconnected, inefficient business leads to discontented customers. Becoming a connected construction company is the only way to meet complex requirements and customer expectations. And becoming a connected construction company requires cloud construction management software.

Acumatica’s Cloud-Based Construction Management ERP Software for the Win

In today’s digital world, there are plenty of vendors hawking their software as the solution for every construction company seeking to improve their efficiency and profitability. Companies ready to switch from QuickBooks, or similar systems, are easy prey.

They’re diligently seeking a solution that can competently handle their multi-dimensional needs, from accounting, inventory and payroll to project management, compliance, reporting and third-party integrations. These same companies are also hoping that the solution they find allows every member of their team, whether in the office or on a jobsite, can access the same information at the same time. Depending on the vendor they speak to, they may be promised something the vendor can’t deliver.

What they need is true industry-specific software, like Acumatica Cloud ERP and Acumatica Construction Edition. Acumatica overpromises and overdelivers with their powerful Cloud ERP software.

To help construction companies understand the difference between Acumatica’s construction management ERP software and QuickBooks’ basic accounting solution, Acumatica created  an at-a-glance comparison report. The report compares Acumatica to QuickBooks and highlights exactly why Acumatica is a better choice because it is a true, construction-focused solution.  NexTec’s new Infographic does, too.

Connect All Parts of Your Construction Business

Success With Acumatica Cloud ERP

As the Infographic indicates, construction ERP software connects all parts of a construction business. Project and inventory management along with estimating, billing, P.O/subcontractor management, sales and CRM are managed in a single, cloud-based system. Additionally, and very importantly, employees across the board can see critical business data that is updated and accurate from wherever they are, whenever they need.

It can be challenging to understand the difference a comprehensive solution makes to construction companies currently relying on paper-based processes and legacy systems. Let’s use a company that implemented Acumatica construction ERP software as an example.

Hartzell Construction provides a myriad of construction services, from commercial remodeling to plumbing services. Before Hartzell implemented Acumatica Construction Edition, as well as a few of Acumatica’s other specialized editions, owner and CEO Anderson Pinto looked for a very specific solution to replace QuickBooks and their other applications. “I needed a system that my accounting department, which is the heart of the company, could utilize. I also needed a system that could communicate with my scheduling and estimating departments. I was looking for a complete system. I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted until we came across Acumatica.”

With Acumatica Cloud ERP, the company experienced rapid growth and profitability. Says Anderson, “I highly recommend Acumatica to the construction industry. To be able to go into a system and have a vision of the entire company, not only your finance department but every department, and understand how a project is moving—that’s just amazing.”

NexTec, a national consulting firm that specializes in technology and is made up of expert consultants, also highly recommends Acumatica Cloud ERP. Contact our team today, and we can chat about becoming a successful, connected construction company.

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