Why Construction Companies are Switching from QuickBooks to Cloud ERP Software

quickbooks to construction software

Most people know that QuickBooks is accounting software that helps small businesses handle their accounting, inventory, payroll, tax filing, expense management, budgeting (and more) needs. What most people may not know is that it can only take businesses so far, especially construction businesses that require accounting and construction software for their complex projects and processes. This was the case for one Ohio-based construction and HVAC firm.

The organization’s multi-million commercial, retail, multi-family and hospitality plumbing/piping projects are handled by three separate companies and over 140 employees. Each company plays a different role: Construction, Field Service and Payroll.

It’s no surprise that their diverse and specific requirements make holistically managing their business processes challenging. It’s also no surprise that QuickBooks was not able to aid them in their management endeavors.

From QuickBooks to Acumatica Cloud ERP: A Big Difference

Though each company used separate tools for managing their operations, they were standardized on QuickBooks Enterprise. Even with a common underlying platform, disparate solutions, manual processes and duplicate data entry plagued their operations.

The need to switch to a fully functional cloud ERP solution that could meet the individual requirements of each company as well as simplify the financial reporting and payroll duties became abundantly clear. The search for construction ERP software began in October 2020, and after several conversations and presentations, NexTec was selected to be the firm’s technology advisory partner.

NexTec, in accordance to the principals set forth in our ERP Selection Guide for construction management, wasted no time in introducing the construction firm to several construction management ERP software options, including Acumatica Cloud ERP and Acumatica Construction Edition. They also introduced Workforce Go, a leading cloud-based human capital management solution that seamlessly integrates with Acumatica Cloud ERP, as Payroll and Human Resources was a critical and in-house component for the company.

Ultimately, Workforce Go combined with the ease of use, reporting and mobile capabilities of Acumatica Construction made the decision to replace QuickBooks an easy one.

From QuickBooks to Acumatica: True Accounting and Construction Software

Acumatica’s industry-specific cloud ERP software offers construction firms benefits and capabilities QuickBooks can’t. Here’s a few of those benefits:

  • Job Cost Accounting: Manage and automate AP workflows (e.g., entering an invoice, routing approvals and cutting checks) and access real-time project costing (e.g., updated costs on labor, materials and equipment).
  • Project Management: Track all project details from one central system utilizing real-time information accessible by office and field teams.
  • Compliance: Handle lien waivers and releases, insurance certificates and status updates efficiently as well as provide expiration and other alerts to staff and suppliers.
  • Customer Management: Manage customer activities (e.g., contacts, quotes, orders, invoices, payments, support cases and service calls) in real time and provide customers with a self-service portal.
  • Adaptable Workflows: Automate, control and streamline accounting and back-office construction processes.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Gain insights into every project with timely, accurate reports.
  • Role-based Dashboard: Gain insights into the whole business by construction role through one dashboard with drill-down capabilities.
  • Extensive Integrations: Integrate with leading construction applications.
  • Unlimited Users: Add users at no additional cost.

In addition, Acumatica Construction Edition customers have access to project details via an integrated mobile app, putting vital information in front of every employee at any time—regardless of whether they are in the office or in the field.

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NexTec’s at-a-glance comparison between Acumatica’s true accounting and construction software and QuickBooks’ basic accounting solution provides further details, including the fact that switching is a low-cost and low-risk decision as companies only require “a web browser and an internet connection—there’s no need to invest in technology, servers, software, integration or related IT resources.”

From QuickBooks to Acumatica: It’s Time to Switch

To review, the benefits of implementing construction ERP software, as experienced by the three-in-one construction firm in Ohio, include streamlining and enhancing communications, tracking projects in real time, eliminating costly delays, automating workflows for increased collaboration and gaining anytime, anywhere access to vital project data. The sooner construction companies switch from QuickBooks and other non-industry-specific options, the faster they’ll get themselves on the road to profitability.

It’s time to modernize with cloud software and NexTec, a technology advisory firm with over 26 years of experience, can help companies decide what features to look for in accounting and construction software. As well, our Construction Management: ERP Selection Guide is a helpful resource and points to Acumatica Cloud ERP as the right choice for construction companies.

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