End-to-End Process Automation with Celigo and Acumatica


To remain competitive over the last few years, leading companies have turned to SaaS solutions to manage just about any business function you can imagine. But what happens to all the data collected by each application? According to Celigo, increased SaaS app usage also inevitably creates data silos, where information is trapped inside each individual application.

Celigo, a provider of Integration Platform as a Service (iPaas) solutions, uses the example of Quote-to-Cash or Order-to-Cash as a typical business process that spans across multiple systems, departments and teams. While a company’s finance, sales and marketing team may benefit from the data involved in that business process, silos unfortunately make information inaccessible. As a result, employees resort to manual processes and workarounds to track down the data they need to make sound business decisions.

To combat these challenges, companies turn to iPaaS solutions like Celigo to automate entire business processes by integrating all the required applications into a single flow.  This allows data to be shared across front and back-office applications, eliminating repetitive tasks, ensuring superior data integrity and enabling end-to-end process automation.

For Acumatica customers, Celigo has dozens of pre-built integration templates to help quickly automate eCommerce operations, lead-to-cash and more.

Take a look at our recent webcast with Celigo below to learn more about this powerful solution:

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