Native Quality Management for Distributors and Manufacturers Using Acumatica

Quality Management for Distributors and Manufacturers

As a distributor, you understand how critical quality management is to your operations.  But ensuring superior quality standards across your organization can be difficult without the right tools in place. Fortunately, eWorkplace Apps (EWPA) for Acumatica has you covered.

With EQPA Quality Management Suite for Acumatica, distributors can manage their quality control (QC) standards and adhere to strict industry regulations. For distribution companies utilizing Acumatica to run their business, they also rely on Quality Management Suite to manage:

  • Receiving – Ensuring quality products are received and only quality products are stored as inventory.
  • Kit Assembly – Validating items are assembled correctly and meet kit specifications.
  • Shipping – Shipping quality products so they meet customer specifications.
  • Ad-hoc (Stability Testing) – Validating and testing items that are stored for a certain period to ensure that they still meet quality specifications through their lifecycles.
  • Inventory Transfers – Ensuring that while inventory is transferred, no damage occurs.

For our Acumatica customers in manufacturing, Quality Management Suite has functionality for you as well. In addition to the distribution features mentioned above, Quality Management Suite provides in-process QC that helps reduce waste by identifying issues early in manufacturing. It also provides further QC on finished goods to ensure only quality products are put away as inventory.

EWPA Quality Management Suite is natively built within the Acumatica framework. It embeds QMS process with core ERP functionality to help mitigate quality concerns, reduce costs and produce high quality products. Quality Management Suite is fulfilled by Acumatica and is Acumatica certified.

Ready to learn more? Check out our recent webcast below and reach out to us for a free demonstration. We’d love to show you what our solutions can do for your business.

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