Field Services: Understand needs and build strong client relationships

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Field services may not seem people-centered, but they can build strong business relationships.

Are you looking for technology that will place client information at your fingertips when you need it most? Field services technicians spend a lot of time serving customers in their homes or businesses. Understanding their needs upon arrival can be a strong differentiator for providing top-notch service.

Forming personalized connections leads to customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. According to a recent field service study, 94% of customers say the customer service they receive influences their buying decisions.

People are turning to digital channels to find answers and solutions, often preferring this type of experience over traditional communication methods. This technology is proving cost-effective for business owners by giving employees access to the most up-to-date information in real-time. It’s also easy to manage.

Improve the customer journey

Customers often prefer to experience products and make purchases from the comfort of their own homes. A field visit adds human interaction to the customer journey.

Once the customer has conducted research and made inquiries using technology, the field technician can provide further assistance in the form of an in-person connection. This can improve the customer experience by continuing to nurture the customer relationship.

As customers broaden the range of devices used for making purchases and acquiring services, the nature of the field service must change. Customers conduct much of their research before receiving a visit from the field services technician. Because of this, industry employees need to equip themselves with the right information ahead of time.

Machine-to-machine communications allow field services employees to collect and automate data more frequently. Artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics solutions help business leaders create models that predict possible issues before they occur.

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The right field services ERP makes things easier for dispatchers, supervisors, and field technicians.

Address field services challenges

The field services industry is presented with numerous challenges every day. Acumatica software can help mitigate issues by placing important information in the hands of employees so they can meet customer needs and improve the customer experience. Here are some examples.

Preventing the need for return visits

Return visits occur because of incomplete or inaccurate information. These visits are costly, and can be avoided by providing field services employees the information they need to complete the job during the first visit.

Acumatica allows employees to access this information prior to the visit and on-site. Knowing details such as accurate location data and the correct equipment will enable technicians to solve the problem the first time around.

Providing quick response for repair requests

Another challenge businesses face is knowing when critical repairs are necessary. Equipment typically includes sensors that alert businesses when such an issue occurs. Wireless technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) give technicians the information needed to avoid larger repairs.

Benefits of using a mobile ERP

A mobile enterprise resource plan (ERP) system provides many benefits. Field services workers can make better decisions if they have the right information readily available when working in the field. Finances Online reported ERP software accumulates more than 25 billion dollars each year, proving its usefulness in the field services industry.

Acumatica Field Services Edition is an ERP system that provides employees access to valuable information while keeping employees at headquarters constantly connected to the field staff. This solution allows workers to access information on a smartphone or other mobile device, which increases productivity. NexTec can provide the answers and solutions you need to successfully implement Acumatica into your daily business processes today.

Field services technicians should receive training on becoming customer-centric. This, along with the Acumatica, will strengthen customer relationships while helping businesses grow.

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