3 Ways field services businesses use ERP to plan around the COVID-19 crisis

Technicians standing outside a garage door.The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the field services industry in numerous ways. Many companies have implemented protective measures to ensure the safety of their employees and the customers they serve.

Businesses are asking screening questions while on service calls to find out if anyone in a household has been ill before sending service technicians to residences. Some local areas may also temporarily prohibit service calls, while customers may opt to wait until the pandemic lifts before allowing anyone into their homes.

Guidelines are being established to handle new virus protocols. These new changes are impacting business on all sides, and companies need a way to track all this new information.

As the national number of COVID-19 cases increased, companies tightened their service call policies. For example, many limited calls to only functional repairs, while some service providers did not work in zip codes where a great number of cases had been reported. Employees are also concentrating on sanitizing parts and other products, wearing face masks, and taking other health measures to ensure the virus is not transmitted.

Field service companies need a way to keep track of all the new information coming down the pipeline. According to a recent study, field service management is expected to grow at a compound growth rate (CGR) of 16.2%. This means that a field service market valued at $2.8 billion in 2019 will reach $5.9 billion in 2024.

Acumatica Field Service Edition is a great way to manage these changes as they arise.

What is Acumatica Field Service Edition?

Acumatica Field Service Edition is designed to increase productivity while promoting the organization. The Field Service Edition helps companies in any industry track a wide range of data and services. The tool lets you maintain a real-time view of business activities by integrating field service operations with the back office.

Acumatica helps improve field service management by streamlining dispatching and reducing response times. You can minimize costs across the board while improving customer experience. Here are three benefits you will gain by using this tool.

1. Manage scheduling

Field service technicians juggle many appointments in one day, which sometimes makes it difficult to assist customers in a timely manner. The COVID-19 crisis has forced many companies to use a skeleton crew due to answering fewer service calls. Acumatica Field Service Edition includes sophisticated scheduling features that allow flexible or last-minute scheduling when emergencies arise.

2. Manage inventory

Supply lines often experience disruption during times of crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly no exception. The Acumatica Field Service Edition helps technicians and other field services employees keep track of inventory. This decreases delays that can occur when such information is not readily available and makes scheduling appointments easier.

3. Track costs

Tracking costs can minimize cash flow issues. During COVID-19, field service companies are looking for ways to save money, which makes this feature even more relevant. Acumatica allows you to keep track of all costs such as time, materials, and labor.

You can also compare the actual costs of a project with original estimates. The tool lets you revise and manage budgets in real-time so the most up-to-date information is always available.

Field service managers face many common challenges. According to a recent survey, 46% of companies report one of their biggest issues is keeping up with increasing demand from customers. The Acumatica Field Service Edition is equipped with all the features you need to meet those demands while improving the customer experience.

Want to get the most out of the Acumatica Field Service Edition? Contact NexTec for more information and begin streamlining your business processes today.

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