High Bar Brands Goes Live on Acumatica on Time and Under Budget

High Bar Brands

High Bar Brands is a supplier of after-market solutions for the commercial vehicle industry. It operates under iconic brands such as Minimizer, Premier Manufacturing and Viking. Upon consolidating these brands into a single operating entity, High Bar Brands management also recognized the need to consolidate its business management software as well.  

The Challenge 

Prior to choosing an integrated business management system, High Bar Brands was utilizing separate legacy ERP solutions at each of its companies. To future-proof the company’s operations, High Bar Brands’ management team knew they needed to switch to a new powerful and flexible ERP system that could accommodate the businesses’ complex manufacturing processes.  

The Solution 

After considering multiple ERP solutions, High Bar Brands chose Acumatica Cloud ERP and NexTec Group as its implementation partner. Acumatica’s full manufacturing capabilities meant that the solution could support High Bar Brand’s operations, which spanned multiple locations. On top of this, Acumatica’s commitment to product development and subscription-as-a-service billing model meant that High Bar Brands was always able to run the most current version of the software to take advantage of new features.  

Upon choosing Acumatica and NexTec, High Bar Brands set an aggressive timeline to go live on the software and all parties delivered. Jim Richards, VP of Operations at High Bar Brands, says,

“We made it happen – on time and under budget. We also met our goal of full functionality with zero customizations. I credit the software’s flexibility, our team’s dedication and our NexTec consultant’s skillset.” 

– Jim Richards, High Bar Brands VP of Operations

The Benefits 

For Richards and the High Bar Brands team, the most significant benefit of implementing Acumatica is improved data visibility and availability. “With our older legacy products, we would have to create a new custom report anytime we needed to look at data differently – usually by exporting data into spreadsheets. Acumatica has dozens of quick queries available to us. If the data is in Acumatica, we can access it,” says Richards. 

With Acumatica, the High Bar Brands team has also been able to: 

  • Slash the time it takes to perform invoicing tasks from four hours to 10 minutes 
  • Make smarter pricing decisions based on accurate product margins 
  • Incorporate a newly acquired company’s operations without a hitch 
  • Provide better, quicker customer service 
  • Improve visibility and make more informed decisions 

To read High Bar Brands full story, click here. For more information on how NexTec helps companies streamline operations, improve visibility and take their business to the next level, reach out to us. We’d love to chat.  

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