How to Make Data-Backed Decisions with Sage X3 and BI Software [+ On-Demand Webcast]

BI tools for Sage X3

Your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution is great at collecting and storing data.

But there’s a difference between pulling simple reports based on that data and having the tools to isolate and track the metrics that really matter.

To make better business decisions, you need real-time insight into all your business data – regardless of where it is stored. A solution like Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI), for example, allows users to manage and analyze data from their Sage X3 solution as well as other systems, like third-party CRM software or legacy applications.

With this enterprise-wide view of your data, you can make faster, more informed decisions.

Below, we look at why properly analyzing all your enterprise data will give you a lead over your competitors and how our Sage X3 customers go about doing this.

What is the Difference Between Reporting and Analyzing?

To make the best possible decisions about your business, your goal should be to establish a data-driven culture. Easier said than done, right? Fortunately, there are tools out there to help you reach this goal.

As we mentioned above, ERP software is excellent at collecting your business data into a single repository. But sorting through the noise of all this data can sometimes be overwhelming.

Here’s where the difference between pulling basic reports and actually analyzing your critical business data comes into play.

Industry leaders turn to Business Intelligence (BI) software to transform their complex, unorganized data into meaningful figures. BI solutions work to distill all the critical data from across your organization into real-time visualizations, easy-to-use dashboards and flexible reports.

From there, you can access and quickly interpret all your most meaningful business data in one place.

That means you’re spending less time looking for information and more time evaluating what it means and making better decisions.

BI Tools for Sage X3

We recently hosted a webcast for our Sage X3 customers in partnership with Sage Enterprise Intelligence (SEI) on how to use BI tools in combination with ERP software.  

Check out the on-demand webcast below and reach out to us if you have any questions about the power of ERP and BI.

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