Collaboration: 5 ways ERP improves cross-communication

Technology trends, like the consumerization of IT, mobile, cloud, and social are changing how companies do business. On the one hand, technology is fueling innovation, but it’s also increasing pressure for scalability, instant access to information and transparency.

5 ways ERP improves cross-communicationAs business models shift in response to these trends, collaboration remains a critical component for teams to improve their operational efficiency, planning accuracy, and transparency. Cloud and hybrid cloud ERP platforms are growing in answer to user demand to accomplish these goals.

With ERP, your teams can share information in real-time and increase access to the business intelligence that helps them make better decisions.

ERP improves cross-communication by:

  • Eliminating geographic barriers: According to the Aberdeen Group, the need to collaborate among multiple locations is the number two reason why organizations choose cloud ERP tools. ERP fosters communication both internally and externally, regardless of global distance.
  • Increasing transparency: In the traditional business model, teams frequently operated in silos, based on their function. In today’s digital infrastructures, this approach is no longer viable. No matter the size of the organization, a change in culture is needed so that information can be easily accessed and shared.
  • Streamlining access to financial data: Traditional accounting software has limited capabilities for integrating financial information with operational data. ERP not only gives you more flexibility to create an accurate financial picture but also integrates data, in real-time, across the entire enterprise, from accounting and purchasing to HR and project management. When teams get the full picture, they are much more effective at their job.
  • Keeping teams on the same page: Regardless of their department or their physical location, teams can collaborate in real-time with ERP. With the increasingly mobile workforce, flexible work environments are the norm. ERP fosters communication across project team for greater collaboration.
  • Improving resource allocation: When you break down barriers to open communication and data access, you’re empowering both individuals and teams to take the right action on the right data.

Using ERP to foster communication

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