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Acumatica Partner

When you choose Acumatica Cloud ERP, you work exclusively with one of the company’s highly vetted and well-trained partners who will implement software and support your company post-implementation. This benefits you in many more ways than you would think. Today, we would like to explore some of the reasons the Acumatica partner model provides an ideal business management solution, and why NexTec is the ideal Acumatica partner to get you there.

Why the Acumatica partner model works: innovation for you—with a personal touch

74% of the Acumatica staff is focused on R&D

Acumatica couldn’t become one of the fastest-growing, highest-rated, and innovative cloud-based ERP solutions in just over a decade without a strategy focused on aggressive innovation. By choosing to sell the software only through its partners, Acumatica is given the freedom to focus on innovation; nearly three-quarters of its staff is in research and development.

From the industry editions to the robust twice-annual updates, Acumatica Cloud ERP continues to provide new products and enhancements to its core business management solution, improving user experience and making the software more viable for an ever-expanding group of businesses.

100% partner model: the personal touch you need

With the exclusively channel-based partner model, you can rest assured that Acumatica puts a great deal of effort into making the program a success. Given a 5-Star Channel Program Rating by leading voice in the industry CRN, the Acumatica Partner Program is designed to empower partners. With this vast, diverse network of focused partners, you are easily able to find the right partner to deliver your software, the partner with the skills, size, and experience to get the job done.

When you work with an Acumatica Partner, you work with a company that puts your needs first, that gets to know your business inside and out so that they can deliver a customized business management solution that matches your needs.

The Acumatica API and platform combines innovation and customization

While the Acumatica partner model lets the company focus on innovation and the partners focus on making the platform work for you, the cloud-based ERP platform itself is built for innovation as well. By providing customers and partners access to the source code, partners can take the solution even further by developing integrations and enhancements for the unique needs of customers, truly providing you the best of both worlds.

NexTec Group: Not just one of the biggest – one of the best

While all the above-mentioned reasons may explain why the Acumatica partner model works, the real question is: why should you choose NexTec as your Acumatica partner? No matter what your previous cloud-based ERP experience was, if you’ve worked with a value-added reseller (VAR) before, you already understand that the channel partner world is diverse—and not every VAR is created equal.

Channel partners range from tiny shops to multinational firms, have a broad array of niches, and could have anywhere from one employee to thousands. It’s why finding the right partner for your unique needs is so important—often as important as selecting the right software—and it’s why it pays to work with a company that has the size, scope, and experience to get the job done.

At NexTec Group, we are not only among the biggest VARs, but we are also among the best. Whether you are looking for a partner big enough to easily handle your needs, that has honors from across the industry, or that has the experience you need, we have been there and done that.

Proven innovation in the VAR community

When it comes to finding the right VAR, one of the biggest factors to look at is whether the VAR is skilled. Becoming ‘certified’ is good, but having the experience to back it up is great. Bob Scott’s Insights VAR Stars is an annual listing of these value-added resellers who lead all others in growth, innovation, customer management, and industry leadership. This annual list recognizes the best and the brightest, and it’s an honor for NexTec to have appeared on the top 100 list since 2004.

We understand that awards may not be everything, but we are pleased to have a few of them from a wide range of analysts and experts. Don’t believe the hype? Take it from our customers.

Big enough to exceed your needs, not too big to forget them

You need an Acumatica partner with the scale, scope, and size to deliver services no matter how big (or small) you are, what you do, or where you are, but not a partner that has become so large that they’ve forgotten how important every client is.

NexTec Group’s commitment to serving customer needs is well documented—both in the aforementioned VAR Stars honors or our most recent recognition: Acumatica President’s Club. President’s Club is only bestowed on the top ten Acumatica Gold Certified Partners for their ability to deliver solutions for customers, and we are pleased to announce that we recently took home this honor at the annual meeting of users and partners, Acumatica Summit 2019.

Experience and honesty

Perhaps NexTec Group’s greatest strength as an Acumatica partner lies in the deep industry experience of our consultants. As we developed our team of consultants, we worked to attract those with a deep understanding of our clients and their industries. Today, our average consultant has 25 years of experience in software, consulting, and industry, all of which translates into a significant benefit to all of our clients.

Because we approach every client need with experience and honesty, NexTec Group maintains a well-above-average 95% annual customer retention rate, working shoulder-to-shoulder with every client to ensure that each one gets the most from their ERP solution.

Get to know NexTec

We chose NexTec because they were the only provider that spent the time getting to know and understand our business and our employees.” – Janet O’Neal, Planning and Control Manager (Kellogg Garden Products)

Since 1994, NexTec Group has been in the business of software, and as a leading reseller of Acumatica, we have helped customers just like you to realize the benefits of the product and implement the solution without any hiccups. Get to know more about our work herefind your local office, and discover a cloud ERP for growing businesses. 

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