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distribution and supply chain management

Are you streamlining processes, controlling inventory levels and reducing labor and other costs while meeting set KPIs?

Among the distribution challenges faced by B2B and B2C organizations, including retail, wholesale, and transport and logistics industries, is the complexity of streamlining operations across multiple locations, as well as the constant pressure from changing regulations. It has become critical to the success of your business to maintain an efficient workflow and automate labor-intensive activities such as reporting, managing inventory and coordinating logistics. An efficient operation requires real-time visibility into all aspects of your business, so that your company can win new markets, satisfy customers and consistently deliver high-quality products.

Today’s competitive, global business environment requires companies in supply chain management / distribution to be nimble and flexible in order to respond to market demand and to grow. Does your company have the software tools to efficiently plan and manage your supply chain, order management, and inventory, provide high customer satisfaction and avoid costly errors — all while maintaining the bottom line?

To solve these challenges, distribution companies are adopting new tools that combine multiple data points, in real time, into one integrated platform. These tools — Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Resource Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) software — help increase profits and foster growth by streamlining operations, saving costs and managing regulatory demands.

NexTec partners with world-class technology partners, like Sage, Microsoft, and Acumatica, and has a nationwide network of consultants with deep expertise in the distribution industry. As an award-winning business with a track record of more than two decades, NexTec offers innovative, affordable and personalized software solutions that are tailored to your needs and will help move your business to the next level.

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2018 BP Pulse

2018 BP Pulse: A Distribution and Manufacturing SurveyA Distribution & Manufacturing Survey

The BP Pulse Distribution and Manufacturing Survey is compiled every year by Berntson Porter and CAMPS to help you understand the trends impacting the industry. This year, NexTec Group also had a hand in developing the survey.