Distribution / Supply Chain Management

Top benefits of ERP | CRM | BI software
for distribution management

Adopt new distribution management software tools that combine multiple data points, in real time, into one integrated platform. These tools — Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Resource Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) software — help increase profits and foster growth by streamlining operations, saving costs and managing regulatory demands. You will see immediate benefits like these:

Effectively manage your supply chain

Stop communication break down and collaborate better all along the supply chain with ERP that manages your operations and keeps track of your suppliers. You’ll gain greater visibility into the entire supply chain process and increase the speed and efficiency of distribution. A better overview of the end-to-end process while help you plan more strategically and improve relations with suppliers, manufacturers, other distributors, retailers and customers.

Optimize inventory

Manage your inventory mix according to customer demands through integrated forecasting, sophisticated order fulfillment, inventory replenishment controls. Understand the nuances of evolving buyer behaviors that drive changes in habits. Make strategic decisions on what items to stock based on integrated data that includes detailed sales history, trends, and profitability.

Fulfill orders more efficiently

Process your orders faster with instant access to item details and freight quotes. Expedite processes for picking, packing and shipping with integrated visibility into sales, inventory, and logistics.

Improve customer service

With instant visibility into purchasing history, stock levels, promotions and other details, sales teams and calls centers can quickly react and respond to customer inquiries to deliver the highest standards in customer satisfaction.

Control obsolete or excess stock issues

Eliminate ineffective sales forecasting and planning, and reduce obsolete and surplus stock errors by enabling inventory leaders to determine root causes easily. Empower your sales team to sell off excess stock faster by providing easy access to the list and discount offerings.

Save more

Automate complex and time-consuming manual processes across many departments, including inventory count, invoicing, sales order data entry and financial reporting. Increased efficiencies mean that more packages will fly out the door faster and employee time and resources will be used for processes that positively impact the bottom line.

Improve overall operations

Customize your ERP, CRM and BI to your niche market or specialized business processes. Efficiently capture large amounts of data on a daily basis and distribute the right information to every department and partner. Easily account for non-stock and special order items, contract pricing or in-transit items in the warehouse.