Streamline Project Management with Connected Cloud Construction Software

The term “streamline” is a simple and efficient way to describe making a system or process simpler and more efficient. It’s an important term for today’s construction companies looking to simplify their complex project management operations. This simplification is best achieved through the adoption of modern technology. Specifically, the adoption of cloud construction management software within an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution. 

How Construction Management ERP Software Works

Construction Management ERP software is “connected” software. It gives every team member, whether they’re in management, out in the field, or in the back office, 24/7 access to business-critical information in real time. The entire organization is linked by a single, centralized solution with updated, accurate data from finances, projects, supplier relationships, customers and operations. 

Chuck Oliver, VP at NexTec, discusses becoming a connected business in a recent article, “Connected Construction: How the Right Cloud Construction Software Sets Your Business Up for Success.” He writes:

Can construction companies succeed if they lack visibility into their entire organization? How about if they’re unable to offer seamless communication between office and field teams? The simple answer is ‘no.’ Operating as a disconnected, inefficient business leads to discontented customers. Becoming a connected construction company is the only way to meet complex requirements and customer expectations. And becoming a connected construction company requires cloud construction management software.”

He points out that construction companies seeking a cloud-based construction ERP solution should look for one that can handle accounting, inventory, payroll, compliance, reporting and third-party integrations. He also points out that the solution they choose should have project management capabilities. 

Because it’s easy to say and hard to do, Oliver offered this recommendation: “What they need is true industry-specific software, like Acumatica Cloud ERP and Acumatica Construction Edition. Acumatica overpromises and overdelivers with their powerful Cloud ERP software.”

Why Acumatica is the Best Choice for Streamlined Project Management

Construction companies are as varied as the projects upon which they work. However, what isn’t varied is the basic concept of project management. In a nutshell (and as every construction and project-driven company knows), project management is the process of looking at the profitability and scope of a project followed by the creation of a budget, a plan, and a resource list. The process also includes managing employees and project costs.

With Acumatica Cloud ERP: Construction Edition, construction companies have one solution with multiple features that help streamline project management. The features—and benefits—include:

  • Organize the business and control projects: Easily forecast and manage costs, payroll, overheads, profits, cash and taxes accurately, using revenue balance, percentage completed and completed contract accounting – with multiple entities, currencies and languages.
  • Plan and execute projects: Manage projects, costs and company-wide capacity with a solution that links opportunities, contracts, schedules, budgets, change orders, subcontracts and compliance from one screen. By working from one centralized database, companies can ensure that everyone is working with a single source of truth.
  • Pay for what’s needed: Acumatica’s resource-based pricing model is ideal for those in the construction industry. Rather than billing per user, companies can provide secure access to the platform for anyone who needs it and only pay for what is used.
  • Track and control costs: Gain insight into every project, including cost to complete, cost at completion and percentage of completion. Compare actual costs to budgeted figures.
  • Stay on schedule: Keep the field and home office on schedule by identifying problems early and updating plans, deliveries, crews and equipment requirements as needed.
  • Make decisions anywhere: Whether at the office or in the field, you can make decisions anytime and anywhere with a Cloud ERP solution accessible using either a computer or mobile device.
  • Manage documents with ease: Acumatica Construction Edition offers powerful and functional document management, making it easy to handle plans, contracts, specifications, submittals, emails, change orders, photos, spreadsheets, inspection reports and much more with ease.

Learn More About Acumatica Construction Software

Though only introduced in 2018, Acumatica Construction Edition has already been recognized by Construction Executive (CE) in their inaugural The 2021 Top Construction Technology Firms™  list as one of their most influential firms in construction technology. Here at NexTec Group, a national consulting firm specializing in industry-specific technology, we encourage construction firms to research how Acumatica construction software can help them streamline their project management processes.

Download NexTec’s complimentary eBook, How to Compete in Construction with Modern Software, for further insights into how modern construction ERP software empowers construction companies to succeed in today’s digital economy. And to learn more about how Acumatica connects all parts of a construction business, connect with our experts now. We’d love to chat.

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