What you Need to Know Before Selecting a Manufacturing ERP

An Enterprise Resource Planning system, or an ERP, is a solution that provides manufacturers with end-to-end visibility into their operations. It allows users to manage their accounting, finance, operations, projects, distribution and inventory processes in one single platform. ERP software is often hosted in the cloud, which means that company data is accessible anywhere, anytime and on any browser-enabled device.

Our newest ERP selection guide for manufacturers provides readers with:

  • The benefits of choosing an ERP solution created specifically for manufacturers
  • The steps to take in selecting an ERP that is right for your business
  • The top features and functionality you should look for in an ERP for manufacturers

Acumatica Cloud ERP is rated highest in customer satisfaction for Cloud Core Financial Suites. By automating a number of related back-office processes, Acumatica helps businesses streamline operations and manage growth.

Download your copy of our ERP Selection Guide for Manufacturers or visit our resource center for additional information. To learn more about Acumatica Cloud ERP, reach out today.

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