Construction projects come in different shapes and sizes. Whether residential, commercial or industrial, small, large or in-between, they all adhere to the basic principles of project management: Determine profitability, define the scope of the project, set the budget, create a plan, gather the necessary resources (e.g., labor, materials and equipment) and execute the project efficiently while managing employees and tracking costs. Though a simplified and condensed explanation of project management, these principles clearly show that projects have many moving parts.

According to NexTec’s new and complimentary eBook, How to Compete in Construction with Modern Software, construction firms that attempt to manage the complexity without cloud construction management software within an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution will lack the visibility, control and insight they need to bring every project home, on time and on budget. 

“Modern construction management empowers companies to keep projects running smoothly and profitably by helping them connect teams, manage cash flow and access critical business data from any location and at any time. Taken together, these benefits give construction companies a powerful edge over their competitors.”

Project Management Challenges Without Cloud-Based Business Management Solution

Without cloud construction management software—also referred to as construction management ERP software—construction companies face a number of challenges. These challenges include:

  • Manual upkeep of massive and unreliable spreadsheets to track costs
  • Lack of visibility into field operations and into budget adherence
  • Inability to track each project’s profitability
  • Inefficient management of documents, such as plan, contracts, specifications, submittals, emails, change orders, photos, spreadsheets, inspection reports and more

Spohn Associates experienced these challenges and more. The architectural installation company struggled with a cobbled-together system that was incapable of automating and streamlining their project management processes. After two years of searching for a project management platform with a robust mobile application, document management, storage, search capabilities and integrated accounting, they were advised to consider Acumatica Cloud ERP and Acumatica Construction Edition.

They did, and they felt Acumatica Construction Edition had everything they were looking for, including the added bonus of not having to stress about per-user licensing fees (thanks to Acumatica’s consumption-based pricing model). CFO Sean Barnett adds, “We are different from a regular construction contractor and liked that we could add different specialty fields and customize it to the way we do business.”

Streamlining Project Management with Acumatica Construction Edition

With Acumatica construction software on board, companies like Spohn Associates effectively streamline their project management processes. As a result, the undeniable benefits are felt by every team member.

For example, Acumatica’s cloud ERP solution provides a complete view of project details. Real-time field updates through a mobile app replaces time-consuming and project-stalling methods (e.g., word of mouth, leaving voicemails and physically delivering updates to the office). The instantaneous flow of information between project management teams, the back-office workforce and management from a single, integrated system keeps everyone informed on how each project (and budget) is progressing.

The centralized solution also helps construction firms easily and efficiently manage and track activities, issues, changes, project documents and job costs. Configurable dashboards supply updated, synchronized information from one screen. And because there is now enhanced communication, real-time project tracking and anytime access, company-wide collaboration is guaranteed.

Spohn Associates’ Barnett says, “We’re relying on Acumatica Construction Edition to help us be more efficient, more productive and allow us to do more with less over the coming months and years.”

Consider Acumatica Construction Edition

From Accounting and Project Management to Field Management and CRM (and let’s not forget mobile access) Acumatica’s cloud ERP software has the features to look for in accounting and construction software. Here at NexTec, our expert consultants know what is and is not the right software for each organization we advise, and we recommend all construction companies consider Acumatica Cloud ERP and its industry-specific ERP solution.

NexTec’s new eBook, How to Compete in Construction with Modern Software, offers more details on streamlining project management and competing successfully in the construction industry with Acumatica’s construction ERP software. NexTec delivers clear information that helps our customers make informed decisions. Contact us today to learn more. We’d love to chat.

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